Our Technology and R&D

Construction Chemical Company In India

At ICO we believe in continuous improvement and our Research &Development plays a vital role in achieving it. Our company has continuously invested in R&D and we boast to have established a fully equipped, centrally air conditioned totally computerized laboratory in the heart of Indore city.

ICO lab uses the best in class equipment and processes to develop reliable and economic products for you. Our Dedicated and highly qualified team is in continuous pursuit of excellence in updating knowledge, Skills and Technical Capabilities.The best practices followed at ICO lab have helped us over the years has helped us to set new milestones for ourselves.

The main pillars of our performance at ICO lab are:

  • Customer Oriented Approach.
  • Dedicated Technical Team.
  • Accurate and reliable Results.
  • Timely Output Realised Over the years.

ICO lab continues its venture to create and improve our products to help us serve our customers better.

Ico Care has its R&D facilities and organizations located collectively in its R&D Center at Indore Madhya Pradesh. Basic technological research is also centralized at the same premises together with both dedicated technical experts and advanced laboratory equipment.

The key to providing paint with various functions lies in synthetic polymers. Functions of paint such as low dirt-smearing or water-repellence are obtained by polymer designs and syntheses at molecular level. These kinds of synthetic polymers are so diverse that technical staff at Ico Care research the best options from among innumerable combinations.

The advances in computer science of recent years have also been applied to this field in order to help simulate chemical reactions and the molecular structures of paint components. As a result of these steady efforts, the product research and development time has been vastly reduced. Ico Care also utilizes the latest in analytical and physical measuring equipment in order to identify the behaviour of various paint components and to improve the physical and chemical properties of the paint film.

As an example, the data obtained on the rheology of wet or dry film helps to provide a solid foundation and back-up to the research and development tasks carried out.

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