Health, Ecology & Safety

Our core Values drive us to being Accountable to what we do and how we impact the world. ICO maintains the highest of standards for safety of its people and the environment.

Responsibility for the environment and safety is an integral part of every managerial task and a concern of each employee. In particular, we care for the environment and pay attention to the safety of everybody dealing with us in every aspect. Our policy is to give preference to products that are environment and nature friendly, to achieve it we go an extra mile beyond the guidelines as provided by Govt. legislation.

It has been a continuous effort at ICO lab to develop environment friendly products that help us make the world a better place.


  • Extensive use of Health & Safety signages, posters, brochures and mailers
  • Monthly Safety Gate Meetings
  • Nomination of Zone leaders
  • Contractor Safety Management systems
  • Fatality Prevention Elements
  • Online H & S systems
  • Safety Observation Tours (SOT) conducted by line managers
  • Behavioural Safety Training programmes for workers at all Plants
  • Incident investigations for all incidents including near misses (with potential for injuries). The findings and recommendations are shared across the company
  • Logistics safety excellence.
  • SaveKidsLives to support road safety for children


We manage our activities in a responsible manner to avoid causing any harm to the health and safety of our employees, contract personnel and visitors.

We apply Health & Safety standards and guidelines; provide the necessary resources, training and education and measure performance for continuous improvement.


Rule 1: I assess and control risks before starting any task

Rule 2: I only perform activities for which I am authorized

Rule 3: I never override or misuse health and safety devices, and I always use the required PPE.

Rule 4: I do not work under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Rule 5: I report all incidents

Living by these rules is a condition of employment.