CCA-99  is a white pigmented emulsion of synthetic resins & wax in viscus condition. After application on green concrete a film is formed with good solar reflectance,  reduces surface temperature and prevents the premature water  loss by evaporation. It allows full hydration of cement essential for optimum strength developments


PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
10 kg125124602 pcs
20 kg109217801 Jar
65 kg92597701 Jar


  • Appearance                       :  Super White Paste
  • PH                                     :  7 to 8
  • Solubility                           :  Water reducible
  • Water retention                 :   About 95%
  • Self life                              :   6 months in the original packing.
  • Storage                              :   Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme heat
  • Coverage                            :   In general 3.5 sq. m / kg. per mm. layer
  • Application                        :   By painting brush / by spatula


Multiple Advantages:

(1)   Very effective and economical alternative to conventional water curing where water curing is  difficult and unreliable.

(2)   Reduces surface temperature being solar reflective.

(3)   An efficient moisture barrier for optimum curing of concrete.

(4)   Minimizes drying shrinkage, prevents surface cracks.

(5)   No side effects with green concrete.

(6)   Non toxic & non flammable

(7)   Does not damage the surface can be reinoved easily from the concrete surface after curing.

Method of Application

To the freshly placed concrete after finishing  apply evenly CCA-99 by painting brush or by spatula. About 1mm. thick  layer is sufficient for getting desired results. While applying with brush make it brushable with 10% clean water.

                While application the surface must be free from oil, greases etc. For horizontal surface or exposed slabs it should be applied as soon as the initial sheen  disappear from the    surface or  the surface is free from excess visible water. On vertical & formed surface    apply it after  dampening down the concrete with clean water. The film dries with in 2 hours, but shall not  subjected to rain water or otherwise  before 12 hours of  application.