Fast Setting Polymer

An unmatched the ultimate admixture for cement concrete specially Developed  for fast hydration of cement with cement water ratio at given  workability  by  increasing  compressive strength  at all ages.

without affecting the long term mechanical properties of concrete.

In cement concrete phenomenon of FSP-99 is observed as under :

(1) Even  with 20%  less  water  ensures  homogeneous and   consistent mortar mix without risk of segregation.

(2) Due to fast wetting of cement lumps are not formed and the cohesive  mix  insures  compact  mass  formation thereby increasing strength of the concrete up to 20%.

(3) Increase workability and finish without raising cement water ratio.

(4) Reduces, cracks and shrinkage in cement concrete.

(5) Early extra strength.

(6) It allows fast removal of form work due to early gain of strength with high mechanical properties.

Does :  (a) 200gms. Of FSP-99 is sufficient for 50kg. of Portland cement which requires  14 days curing only and produces very dense water impermeable concrete.

(b) After using 500gms. of  FSP-99 per 50kg. of Portland   cement no curing is required, produces dense and water impermeable concrete within 14 days, resumes  workable strength in 72 hours.



PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
10 Kg267267402 pcs
20 kg251500901 pcs
55 kg2341284501 Drum


  • ┬áVery powerful admixture for cement concrete.
  • For getting early strength it can be used conveniently in plinth, seservoirs, safety tanks, basements, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, water tanks, bridges tunnels, sea walls, dams, highways, swimming pools etc.
  • For effective waterproofing to fill up capillaries in concrete and masonry work.
  • To manufacture precast concrate elements, catirlueves, structure, prestressed concrete, tiles etc.