Engineer Plus PSS-99

Engineer Plus PSS-99 is a two component, self smoothing, elastomeric sealant which when mixed and appliedcures by chemical reaction to form a tough, flexible rubber seal.



PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
4 kg54521784 pcs


1) Form : Two part components

2) Base  : Curing agent, Paste

3) Colour (Mixed material) : Gray

4) Storage life : 12 months in dry conditions within range 5C to 35C

5) Flash Paint : Over 65C

6) Solid contents : 100%

7) Density curing chemical : 1.60 – 1.65 kgs./lit.

Multiple Advantages:

  • Forms a tough lastic rubber like seal
  • Accommodates continuous and pronounced cycle movement.
  • High resistance to aging influences, physical damage and climate extremes.
  • Good adhesion to most building materials.
  • Resistant to temperature UV rays, ozone and weather conditions.
  • Has a movement capability of + 25%  width joints
  • Performs well in temperature ranging from 40C to + 80C and + 100C intermittent.


  • Expansion contraction and construction joints.
  • Water retaining structure joint. Joints in walkways, subways, basements, floors and reservoirs.


1) Clean and dry the joint surface thoroughly and frost free.

2) Any expansion joint filler must be checked to ensure that it is lightly packed and no    gaps or   voids rusts at the base of the scaling state.

3) Use land breaking tape where ever required.

4) Insert backup material to the required depth.

5) Apply two coats of suitable primer on the joint surface.

6) Mix base and accelerator (Curing agent) using a slow speed drill for 5 minutes.

7) Load sealant into the gun and shall be applied to the joint.

8) Tool the joint  immediately to remove air bubble & fill the joint              completely.

9) Keep the width : depth ratio as 2 : 1 for sealant.