Polyurethane Water Base Coating

Description of the product:

PUC-99 (WB) is single component water base aliphatic polyurethane coating for concrete, timber etc. highly resistant to chemicals, algae & fungus. Easy to apply and environment friendly forms durable, cleanable, aesthetically pleasant finishing coat .



PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
1 kg8348341 Box

Multiple Advantages:

  1. Single component.
  2. Easy application.
  3. Wall coat for cleaning rooms Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Excellent chemical resistance
  5. Resistance to algae & fungus growth.
  6. Durable & scratch resistant.
  7. Highly water resistant and water washable.
  8. Environment friendly no solvent, no odour.
  9. Excellent adhesion to concrete &  timber.

10.Provides a uniform semiglass finish.

11.Excellent colour retention with pleasant finish.

  1. High elongation & tear resistance.

13 Non hazardous, non flammable.


PUC-99 (WB) is designed to provide coatings on walls of clean rooms where maintenance of   hygienic and /or clean environment is critical that includes:

  • Hospitals, Clinics, Operation Theaters, Intensive Care Units, Wards,

   Autopsy rooms, Morgues.

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing, packing & storage units.
  • Food processing, packing & storage units.

Application System:

  1. For getting clean & smooth finish high quality surface preparation is must.
  2. For good finish the recommended method of applying is by spraying with conventional spray  gun. Brush may be used for general finish. In brush coat applications multiple  thin coat shall give good finish.
  3. The recommended  spray pressure with a conventional spray gun will  normally range between 15 to 20 psi, 2-3 coats are  essential for an opaque film.
  4. For surface cleaning “Kleanol” is an effective cleaner for cleaning of hand, gun, surface etc.