RUST ARREST – 3 in 1   is a  single  component  derusting and phosphating chemical effectively  works at ambient temperature on mild steel.

It is a most economical product which works in three ways efficiently by cleaning, derusting and developing  a thin passive film of zinc phosphate on mild steel.



PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
5 kg234116802 pcs
25 kg217541501 Jar
55 kg2001098101 Jar


  • Appearance                 :               Liquid – Yellow to Brown
  • PH                                :               Acidic
  • Sp. Gravity                   :               1.2 +0.05
  • Coverage                      :               >20m/kg
  • Self  Life                       :               3 years  from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition               

Multiple Advantages:

  • Simple application by brush or immersion / spray
  • Ready to use.
  • Penetration & effect: Effective rust removal even from areas difficult to reach & penetrate.

Packing :

 5 kg,  20 kgs,  50 kgs

Other Product Categories Available:

Engineer Plus has wide range of waterproofing & construction chemical which includes.

* Waterproofing Products                   * Exterior Coating Products

* Repair Product                                  * Tile Fixing Range

* Sealants                                            * Concrete Admixtures

* Flooring Products                               * Grouts

How to apply:

(1)  Surface preparation  : Incase of heavy rusting or loose scaling remove rust, by wire brush , chipping , hammering or grinding  so that majority of  rust scale is removed.

(2)  Apply Engineer Plus Rust Arrest on affected surface by using cotton waste swab or by brush application.  Leave the surface to react with Engineer Plus Rust Arrest  for at least 15 to 30 minutes.

(3)  The rusty surface will change its colour to original blackish steel, remove the same with cotton cloth.

(4)  Then remove the loose rust particles by scrubbing or simple dusting with the brush

(5)  Wash the steel surface with water jetty to remove all the acidic residue left on the bar, and clean with cotton cloth.