Engineer Plus Super Elastomeric Polymer (SEP-99)

SEP-99 is a flexible elastomaric two components ostentatious system has unique bonding property with concrete and most of the construction materials with under noted advantages. 

Effective waterproofing which prevents leakage and dampness due to tough surface formation. Good chemicals resistance against soft water, domestic waste water, mineral oils, mild acid, mild alkali ect. Having anticarbonation effect acts as carbondioxide barriers. Excellent adhesion to most building substrates with high bond strength to porous and non porous surfaces. Flexible and elastomaric in nature even when submerged.  Occasionally useful in traffic area.


Application Fields

Forwater proofing water retaining structures Terrace, parapets, bathroom, water tanks, sumps, sunken floors of toilets.  As a cold bonding Agent: For cementeous surface like plaster to plaster, concrete to concrete, brick masonry 

plastering, old to new concrete. & Repairing of damages in precast concrete, Pipelines, RCC, Plaster etc. s To improve durability of cement structure.


PackingM.R.P. per liter/KGM.R.P. per packStandard Cartoon Pack
5 lit405202702 Bucket
10 lit363363001 Bucket
20 lit339677601 Drum
50 lit3151573001 Drum

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