Engineer Plus WPC-99

WPC-99 is a boon for modern living. It is an amazing, powerful chemical to stop water leakage & dampness from cement concrete structure like terraces, water tanks, kitchens, bathrooms, sidewalls, swimming pools, safety tanks, bridges, dams, cannels etc. It is easy to handle eco-friendly, water thinnable, stable on dilution, economical, ready to use anywhere anytime.

engineer plus wpc 99


PackingM.R.P.Cartoon Pack
100 Gms.70100 Pcs.
500 Gms.32230 Pcs.
1 Kg.61610 Pcs.
5 Kg.29404 Pcs.
10 Kg.56002 Bucket
20 Kg.109201 Bucket
50 Kg.262501 Jar
220 Kg.1108801 Drum

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Physical Data

(a) Physical Form                   : Free flow liquid (Pinkish)

(b) Solids                                : 50%+_ 2%

(c) pH                                      : 8-9

(d) Solubility in water             :Readily soluble

(e) Odourt                               : Characteristic

(f) Specific Gravity                   : 1.1

(g) Surface Drying                   : 5 minutes

(h) Dried film                           : transparent (Film thickness : 80-100 microns per coat)

(i) Solubility after drying         : Fully stable, not soluble in water.

(j) Film hardness on                 : After 24 hour-0.9 kg. After 48 hour-1.0 kg. concrete

(k) Slump Test                          : Cement   + 0.2% WPC-99 – 25 Minutes

                                                  Cement   + 0.4% WPC-99 – 15 Minutes    

                                                 Cement    + 1% WPC-99 – 10 Minutes

(l) Coverage                             : 80 to 100 sq.ft. Per Kg. (Depends on surface)

Multiple Advantages:

  • Fast drying, excellent adhesion to most building materials & need to cure.
  • Increase in bonding of new wet concrete to old concrete.
  • Increase in durability & toughness of concrete.
  • Increase flexural and bond strength of concrete .
  • Forms a very tough bond with substrate having good permeability rating .
  • Excellent elastomeric and crack bridging capability.
  • Good weathering characteristics .
  • Very low water absorption, withstanding hydrostatic pressure .
  • Not susceptible to alkali degradation. Resistance to high alkali, sulfates and salts.
  • Good colour retention and low dirt pick up. Breathable coating, allows vapor transmission.
  • Repairs asbestos roofs, gutters, drain pipes and tile joints.

How to Use

  • Clean the external surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass roots, rust & loose material with wire   brush, shot blasting and finally vacuum cleaning is suggested for the best results.
  • Fill up gaps & cracks of surface with mixture of cement or mortar mix & 25% WPC-99 in water.
  • Wash the surface with SAC or clean water by cloth or sponge and let it dry fully.
  • Stir well and mix one part of WPC-99 with 1 part of clean water.
  • Apply the solution by painting brush, roller or spray on the clean washed and dried surface.
  • After 40 minutes of 1st coat, apply 2nd coat of WPC-99 . If required give 3rd coat after another 40 minutes .
  • After application as above,WPC-99 dries within 10 minutes on the applied surface & within 6 to 8 hours the surface becomes fully waterproof and usable.
  • Don’t keep container open, replace the cap. Wash brush immediately after use.

Available Packings :

100g., 500 g., 1 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg., 20 kg., 50 kg., 220 kg.