WTF-99 We provide strength and durability along with water proofing. In our company we adopt the tradition of innovation. ICO Ltd. has built its reputation and business by bringing to the customer a wide range of high quality products for a wide range of applications for domestic & international market. We are solving problems of construction industry by our cutting edge technology. Our back bone is continuous efforts towards various research and development (R&D) by our state of art inhouse laboratory. We are equipped with advanced and modern machineries and plants. Also we are class information technology (IT) and communication infrastructure. We have trained & experienced team of technical personnels.

WTF-99 is an unique and highly concentrated water proof polymer based strong tile fixer used with white/grey cement for interior &exterior tiling works. It improves compressive and flexural strengths with dimentional stability and also create tile joints that are imperme able to water and resistant to flaking and cracking.

engineer plus wtf-99


PackingM.R.P.Cartoon Pack
100 Gms.77100 Pcs.
500 Gms.31530 Pcs.
1 Kg.59510 Pcs.
5 Kg.28004 Pcs.
10 Kg.53202 Bucket
20 Kg.100801 Bucket
50 Kg.245001 Jar
220 Kg.1047201 Drum