ICO Ltd (ENGINEERPLUS ,ICOCARE) Partnering the growth of India’s construction industry for more than 30 years. ICO Technologies has reached a benchmark position in delivering innovative construction products and solutions. We produce and market groundbreaking, intelligent and reliable construction chemicals that make construction projects not only safer, but also stronger and environmentally viable. Our array of products cater to a variety of projects across a broad range of sectors including commercial, infrastructure, industrial, residential and marine.

ICO Ltd (Engineerplus (Icocare) from Last 30 years)  effectively combines its economic growth with environment Friendly ,social responsibility and ensures that its technological advancements not only enable successful completion of initiatives of our clients and customers but also contribute to a better future.

ICO Ltd have been brought to the India market by IcoCare Managing Director, with a keen eye for product innovation & attention to detail and unique insight into global technological developments gained through his 15-year involvement in the specialist paint industry, Derek has developed the IcoCare brand in Indian consumers  mind – offering superior, long lasting quality and lifetime value.

Proud® is designed especially for our Indian weather, IcoCare provide advanced protective technology in a range of contemporary colours and finishes – that can last up to 30 years.


Water-based, non-toxic, easy to apply and environmental friendly, our unique focus on quality, sustainability and innovation provides consumers with an entirely new choice of paint. We Concentrate in formulate to solve problems, not just paint over them. And suitable for home owners, DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

We work Online as well as Offline at selected Retailers Nationwide. IcoCare carries the 5 year Guaranteed India symbol across the range – joining a network of 300+ businesses who share a common vision to create quality jobs, contribute to local communities and are committed to Indian provenance.

Choose IcoCare with confidence and protect your biggest asset with this unique range of problem solving products. Eliminate mould, resist the weather and add beauty , then sit back and enjoy up to 30 years protection. 

More Figures about ENGINEERPLUS (ICOCARE) :-

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ENGINEERPLUS (ICOCARE) Awesome Customer Service – We also emphasize great customer service. Our sales and customer service representatives are exceptional at what they do. They are highly trained and qualified with years of experience in the industry.

Additionally, we listen to our customers. Our selection is ever-changing not only to keep up with the industry but to meet your demands. We update our product offerings to cater to your needs.

ENGINEERPLUS (ICOCARE) Shopping Online Made Easy – We make it our mission to ensure you have a pleasant online shopping experience. If you run into trouble exploring our vast selection, don’t worry! Our representatives can help you narrow it down. They’ll make sure you have the supplies best for your project.

You have choices. Why should you do business with ICO LTD ?

  • You are responsible for the success of your project
  • Your choice of waterproofing systems is critical to that success.
  • Making the right decisions will impact your schedule, profit, reputation, and the risk/liability you will take on.
  • Only ICOCARE can protect your schedule, profit, reputation because only ICOCARE can offer a complete and proven system that takes the risk out of concrete waterproofing with 5 Years Unconditional Warranty.
  • You want to work with a partner who understands the unique Indian market and who benefits from being present in the Indian market longer than any other supplier or manufacturer.

ICOCARE India is part of ICOCARE International which has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of crystalline concrete waterproofing systems since 1991.

The Indian market is as challenging as it is unique. While other manufacturers have come and gone (and sometimes come back) ICOCARE India has been a continuous presence in the Indian market for over 30 years. Our managing director is  Mr. Deepak Bhandari, is a very well respected industry expert with close to four decades of experience in India and across the globe..

Unique Indian expertise, global experience

ICOCARE India uniquely prides itself in giving waterproofing solutions dedicated to Indian construction methodologies. Renowned real estate companies such as DLF, Unitech, Parsavnath, Ansals, Omaxe, Eros, L&T and many more private builder firms have benefited from solutions based on ‘real world’ experience of the local market.

As a trusted company, we have created a large government clientele by working with the likes of the Airport Authority of India, New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC), Delhi Development Authority (DDA), Central Public Works Department (CPWD), Public Works Department (PWD), Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), HPL, EIL and various refineries etc.

Moreover, ICOCARE International is able to leverage its global experience as a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of crystalline concrete waterproofing systems when the need arises in India.

ICOCARE’s concrete waterproofing technology continues to revolutionize the industry developed in ICOCARE’s dedicated concrete research laboratory and tested in the field for over 30 years, the ICOCARE Concrete Waterproofing System is the world’s leading integral crystalline waterproofing technology.

Today ICOCARE International products are distributed globally and can be found in many of the world’s most iconic structures. By taking the risk out of concrete waterproofing ICOCARE’s systems both protect your structure and your reputation – long term.

Simplify your life with Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing Membranes of Engineerplus (ICOCARE)
  • Proven latest generation crystalline technology that ensures waterproofing for the life of the concrete structure
  • Outstanding customer service from our lab and field-level support that provides answers and guidance
  • Independently accredited proof of performance from organizations such as the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and CE
  • ICOCARE International works with industry, academic, and governmental bodies around the world to develop certification standards and testing methodologies.
  • Only ISO certified crystalline company in India – transparent and trustworthy business practice systems in the Indian market Engineerplus (Icocare) from Last 30 Years.