Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing

 Please note that our parent company Indore Color Organics Ltd is a manufacturer of a wide range of construction chemical, waterproofing, heat proofing chemicals as per the international standards. In the brand name of “Engineer plus” National Award & state winning company for the last 30 years. We are glad to inform you that our products have been incorporate in SOR of PWD MP GOVT. 


To know about Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing , First take a little Intro about Heatproofing.

Heat Proofing is a method by which surface of a property is treated with Heat Reflective chemical solution.

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing Construction chemical specialists from Indore.

Is your maximum part of income in electricity bills? 

As all people uses different electrical and electronic products to get rid of Summer heating, this not only increase your electricity bill but also harms you and your environment by emitting harmful gases.
So Here’s an easy and Eco-friendly Solution of your problem
 Engineerplus HPC-99, a heat proofing product make your home cool during Summer Season Even without Electricity.By Heat Proofing surface of a property is treated with Heat Reflective Chemical Solution. 

These chemical solutions used by Universal Services are of the highest quality which increases the service lifespan and durability. All products are ISO certified according to international standards. 

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing
Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing Products

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing
Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing


HPC-99 is a matchless heat proof compound which wonderfully  works on masonry surface. It stops heat penetration and keeps cool by reflecting more than 90% heat of the sun from surface. It makes you comfortable to walk on, to live with and to save electric energy. It keeps water cool in any type of water storage tank.

  • HPC 99 is single component ready to use
  • Clean the surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass roots, rust & loose material with wire brush. If possible vacuum cleaning is advisable.

Precaution & limitations : container should be tightly closed after application. Clean brush, tools & hands with soap water immediately after coating. Wash immediately with plenty of water if splashes on any part of the body.

Multiple Advantages

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing advantages:

  1. Very low heat penetration.
  2. Very high heat reflection.
  3. High resistance to ultra violet light.
  4. Considerable decrease in room temperature and electric consumption.
  5. High heat stability (between 0 C to 90 C).
  6. High freeze thaw stability.
  7. Good weathering characteristics.
  8. Excellent adhesion to most building materials and no need to cure.
  9. It produces excellent result on almost all absorbent mineral substrates by increase durability, toughness, flexural and bond strength.
  10. Excellent elastomeric and crack bridging capability.
  11. Very very low water absorption.
  12. Resistance to high alkali, sulphates and salts.
  13. Low dirt pick up.
  14. Anti corrosive, protects reinforcement steel and increase life of building.
  15. Anti-Fungal, Anti Microbial.
  16. Economical
  17. Safe, eco-friendly, hygienic.

Heatproofed by Engineerplus HPC-99

Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing
Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing
Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing
Engineerplus Icocare Heatproofing

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