Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)

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Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)

E. P. DURA ESL 201 Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus: Floor Coating is two components, 100% solid epoxy provides heavy duty protection to floors exposed to heavy foot traffic, rubber tyre vehicle traffic, and intermittent chemical spills splashes and power washings. It is easily cleanable and ideal system for clean room areas of food, pharmaceutical formulation plants and operation theatre of hospitals where primary concern is cleanliness and anti bacterial properties. It has excellent abrasion impact and chemical resistance. 

Reaction of polyepoxides with themselves or with polyfunctional hardeners forms a thermosetting polymer, often with favorable mechanical properties and high thermal and chemical resistance. Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including metal coatings, use in electronics/electrical components/LEDs, high tension electrical insulators, paint brush manufacturing, fiber-reinforced plastic materials, and adhesives for structural and other purposes.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)

 Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus) is shiny, lightning, Decorative Surface. As light bounces off the epoxy, the space will gain a new dimension. Epoxy also covers previous defects Surface may have sustained. Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus) offers several designs and color options to outfit your Home. It is a polish of surface that catches the light with more intensity and increase the beauty of surface.  epoxy is a simple and cost-effective solution for an industrial-style location.

Epoxy is shock resistant. It bears the brunt of heavy shock, heat, chemicals and water. Epoxy also can resist certain levels of heat.

Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus) Products

Epoxy Coating product

Engineer Plus Epoxy Clear Primer (ECP-99)

ECP 99 is specially formulated blend of mineral oils and speciality chemicals having release properties which are superior to those of conventional mould oil

Epoxy Coating product

Engineer Plus Epoxy Middle Coat Self (EFR-99)

EFR 99 is a solventless three pack self leveling epoxy floor topping system with high chemical and abrasion resistance property.

Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus) EFS 99

Engineer Plus Epoxy Floor Screed (EFS-99)

EFS 99 is a two component solvent free self leveling wear resistant high viscus, epoxy compound.

Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus) work process

1)Removal of loose particles,  dust, rust,  oil ,greases.

2)Prime the surface with epoxy  primer.

3)Filling joint with resin rich epoxy putty

4)Application of 200 micron Epoxy Primer over the prepared surface.

5)Application of 1mm thick “DURA” Epoxy Screed. (High Strength Underlay)

6)Application of 1mm thick ESL 201 Floor Topping.

Flooring Compound

ICO Flooring Compound: Surface Hardener

Abrasion Resistance Metallic Floor Hardener for Concrete


It is a specially manufactured metallic aggregate admixture with cement and stone/granite chips to provide the hardest surface to floorings and pavement which will remain wear-proof, dustproof, waterproof and oil-proof etc.


By the use of ICO SURFACE HARDENER, the flooring and paving topping can be made hard surface which almost become wear and dust proof. It is ideally suited for use in all types of industrial floors which are subjected to heavy traffic and load movement. It can also withstand the impact load due to movement of heavy load over the floor toping. It does not allow any dampness or absorption of water and easy to clean by washing as the surface remains smooth without any hole or crevice etc.


Wherever the flooring is subjected to medium to high abrasion due to the movement of steel wheels, heavy trucks, fork lift or any other movement of heavy machineries, the surface can be made dust-proof damp-proof with the use of ICO SURFACE HARDENER.

Technical Info

The ICO SURFACE HARDENER should always remain dry until it is being used with the cement or floor concrete.

Ordinary Portland Cement, conforming to Indian Standard Specification should always be used in preference to Rapid Hardening Cement while flooring. Even the blast furnace slag cement or Portland pozzolana cement can also be used provided the quality of cement is good.

The concrete to be used in the floor topping should have clean, angular crushed granite or quartzite stone chips of size 6 mm down. The water should be as less as possible so as to maintain a very low water cement ratio.

Heavy Duty Floor
part ICO SURFACE HARDENER to 4 parts cement by weight with 1 to 2 parts 6 mm down stone chips of mixed powder (cement & Surface Hardener) should be the normal mix proportion.

Note: In case of rounded/angular well graded stone chips maximum amount ( i.e., 2 part of stone chips can be loaded, where as less amount stone chips is required when poor graded flaky aggregate is used. Conduct small site trial mix to ascertain the mixing proportion of available stone chips.

Firstly, ICO SURFACE HARDENER and the cement should be mixed thoroughly in a dry state. Then the 2 parts of stone chips is added in the mix with the dry mixed material and again mix thoroughly the whole mixed material. After thorough mixing of the dry material required amount of clean fresh water to be added to have a workable consistency for properly placing and compacting the floor topping.

Light Duty Floors 1 part ICO SURFACE HARDENER and 5 parts of cement by weight and 2 parts 6mm down stone chips is the normal mix proportion. The mixing procedure is same as mentioned under the heading for Heavy Duty Floors.


New Work

After laying a concrete base of 100mm to 150 mm thick, a granolithic layer of approximately 38mm is to be followed. Over this granolithic layer, ICO SURFACE HARDENER topping of thickness 13mm to 19mm is laid, leveled and finished. The ICO SURFACE HARDENER topping should always be laid over the granolithic surface when it remains wet. When the initial set of the floor topping takes place, the surface is to be trowelled off to a polished smooth finish.

In large projects where it is possible to lay the floor in single operation, the granolithic layer can be dispensed with. In that case, a concrete base is to be laid to the required level for laying the ICO SURFACE HARDENER Topping over it. Flooring Surface Hardener Topping should be laid when the base layer remains wet and finished by means of trowelling to a polished smooth surface.

Old work

Chip off the old concrete surface to a depth of at least 5 mm to 7 mm by mechanical means and clear all loose particles and dust from the surface. The clean surface is to be thoroughly soaked with water for at least 12-15 hours prior to laying of the concrete base and floor topping. No surface water should remain before the application of the cement slurry over the surface.

Apply a cement slurry over the entire surface and lay the ordinary granolith 13mm to 19mm thickness over which the granolith layer of ICO SURFACE HARDENER topping to the required thickness is laid. When the under lying granolith layer is still wet, trowel the surface to a smooth polished surface.


Proper surface preparation is the essence for the success of ICO SURFACE HARDENER Floor Topping. Dry cement should never be sprinkled over the wet surface for finishing purpose. The final trowelling should not be resorted to till the initial set has taken place.

The ICO SURFACE HARDENER Topping should be cured for 5-7 days as per normal good practice of curing of concrete. The ICO SURFACE HARDENER Topping should be laid by very skilled workmen who have the knowledge about laying this type of floor topping. For finishing purpose, the steel trowel should always be used.


ICO Flortop E

Abrasion Resistant Industrial Flooring Aggregate


ICO FLORTOP-E is a factory processed and specially graded non-oxidizing and chemically inert mineral aggregate floor topping free from oil and grease.


ICO FLORTOP-E when troweled into the surface of concrete floors forms a toughened hard-wearing surface suitable for industrial use. It is recommended for factory floors, warehouse, hangers and car parks that are subjected to heavy traffic.


  • Provides build in wear resistance and produces high abrasion resistant floor surface.
  • Extreme surface density resists oil and water penetration.
  • May be used for areas in the open and continuously wet.
  • Non-rusting and easy maintenance.
  • Fast construction with minimum site costs for materials handling and non-bonding problems.


ICO FLORTOP-E is dry mixed in the ration 2:1 with cement, broadcast evenly over the surface of freshly laid concrete and then trowelled to an uniform and smooth finish.

Application Data

Floor Concreting
The floor concrete should be structurally sound and placed in accordance with good concrete practices. The Water: Cement ratio should be kept to a minimum consistency with the need to produce a fully compacted concrete without excess water coming to the surface. Particular care must be taken at the corners and edges of bays, hand ramming and firm trowelling being carried out to ensure that the level can be maintained throughout the subsequent trowelling operations.

Mixing & Application

Two bags (100kg) of ICO FLORTOP-E and one bag (50 kg) of Portland cement should be thoroughly dry mixed on a clean, flat surface. Water must not be added. Always use full bags of ICO FLORTOP-E to ensure consistent grading.

Any ICO FLORTOP-E/Cement mix left over can be stored for use the next day providing it is kept in airtight containers. Any of the mix left exposed must not be used, as air setting of the cement may occur.

The ICO FLORTOP-E/Cement mix should be broadcast in two equal stages evenly over the surface of freshly laid concrete as soon as the surface water has evaporated./ Immediately after each stage of broadcasting of ICO FLORTOP-E/Cement mixture the first trowelling should be carried out, either by hand or by means of a power float. When the surface has sufficiently stiffened a second trowelling should be given to close any pores and remove any undulation in the surface. This be followed by a final hand trowelling to remove any disc mark. The floor must be thoroughly cured.


ICO Flortop C

Self Leveling Floor Epoxy


ICO Flortop C is a solventless three pack self leveling epoxy floor topping system with high chemical and abrasion resistance property. It provides non-dusting, easily cleaned, coloured glossy surface.


ICO Flortop C is seamless protective floor topping used in industries with medium to high vehicular traffic like power, plants, exhibition halls, shops, pharmaceutical & fertilizer industries, buildings, laboratories, bakeries, super-markets, show rooms, bottling plants, warehouses, breweries, garages, machine shops, chemical plants, dairies, hospitals, refineries, subways, electronics & computer industries etc.


  • High mechanical strength, hard wearing and durable
  • Very high Bond and Adhesive strength.
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance – mostly industrial chemicals
  • Self-leveling, smooth, glossy and hygienic seamless surface
  • High impermeability
  • Does not support bacterial growth.
  • Easy to clean.


Surface Preparation
A sound, clean and dry substrate is absolutely essential for successful coating application and in ensuring maximum bonding between the substrate and flooring system. Floor should be made dry (not more than 5% surface moisture) clean and free from laitance, dust, grease, paint, etc. by scrubbing followed by thorough water wash and wire brushing and then air drying. As the case may be, light sand blasting detergent wash and /or acid etching may also be done. The choice of surface preparation should be determined by the nature and extent of contaminants present on the concrete surface. Damaged or uneven areas, cracks etc. should be made good.

suitable power driven mixer / stirrer is recommended for uniform mixing of the EFS 99. Stir the base and hardener separately. Mix hardener gradually into the base under continuous stirring as per the stated mixing ratio. Continue the mixing for 3-4 minutes. Mix the aggregates into the mixed resin portion uniformly under continuous mechanical agitation. Mix well for 5-6 minutes till the components become homogeneous.

photos of Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)

Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)
Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)
Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)
Epoxy Coating (Engineerplus)



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