Flooring is the general term for a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. Floor covering is a term to generically describe any finish material applied over a floor structure to provide a walking surface. The term ‘flooring‘ refers to the lower enclosing surface of spaces within buildings​.


  • Enhance the Look of Your Home.
  • Low Maintenance & Easy to Clean.
  • Strong & Durable.
  • Adds Value to Your Home.
  • Better Air Quality. 
  • Looks Good in All Décor Theme.
  • Long-Lasting & Cost-Effective.
  • Colour Doesn’t Fade.
  • Can be Refinished. 
  • Improve Acoustics in your home.

WTF-99 is an unique and highly concentrated water proof polymer based strong tile fixer used with white/grey cement for interior & exterior tiling works. It improves compressive and flexural strengths with dimentional stability and also create tile joints that are impermeable to water and resistant to flaking and cracking.



PackingM.R.P.Cartoon Pack
100 Gms.77100 Pcs.
500 Gms.31530 Pcs.
1 Kg.59510 Pcs.
5 Kg.28004 Pcs.
10 Kg.53202 Bucket
20 Kg.100801 Bucket
50 Kg.245001 Jar
220 Kg.1047201 Drum

Area of Application

For Domestic Flooring : Floors, walls, stairs, bathrooms, roof, terraces, kitchen, water tank, shower recesses, laundries, also suitable for glazed surfaces, vertical cladding and terrazzo tiles. For Industrial Flooring : Laboratories, basement, exhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls, shops, schools, water houses, swimming pools, bridges, dams, canals, harbors, tunnels, pavements, car parking space, dado areas, footpath, subways etc.

How to Use

See the surface to be tiled must be sound. • Thoroughly clean old surface for oil, wax, dust, fungus, grass roots, rust and loose material. For fixing tiles on tile the old tiled surface must be properly scratched by hard wire brush, by mechanical tools or acid. For 50 Kg of gray/white cement mix 1/2 kg. of WTF-99 with 20 litres of clean water to prepare homogeneous paste. Spread the cement paste as usal keeping approximate 4 to 5 mm. thickness by ensuring proper coverage on the back side of tiles and eliminate possibility of any air voides. • Readjustment of tiles is possble upto 40 minutes. For heavy tiles on vertical surface use mechanical clamps. 

Available Packing :

  • Floors Walls Bathrooms. Terraces Kitchens 

     100 g., 500 g., 1 kg.,

•  Water tanks Safety taks Swimming pools 

    5 kg., 10 kg., 20 kg.