GROUTING (Engineerplus)

GROUTING (Engineerplus) is the process of injecting material into cavities or cracks in concrete, masonry structure, soil, rock-mass to increase the structure’s load-bearing capacity refers to grouting and the material used for this objective is called grout.

Non shrink Grout Additive for Cement is powder admixture, which after mix with cement, cement-sand, mortar or concrete ingredients flowable grout at low water cement ratio for high interfacial contact and shrinkage compensation by exanding during initial setting of the mix. Advantages: Produces free flowing expansive grouting slurry even at low w/c for shrinkage compensation and retention of the filled volume. Effective on cement, cement-sand, mortar and concrete ingredients. Effective for achieving high early strength. Easy to mix, economical, non corrosive, non toxic.

Uses  of GROUTING (Engineerplus):

NSGA-99 is recommended to mix with cement slurry to get a free flowing expansive grout for under noted application. 

  • Grouting of machine foundation. 
  • Concrete anchors. 
  • Grouting of pre-stressed anchors in rock and soil. 
  • Grouting of castle ducts. Grouting of cavities, gaps, recesses etc. Grouting of bearing plates. 
  • Grouting of boiler foundation. 
  • Injection grouting of porous concrete structures in rehabilitation works.

GROUTING (Engineerplus) Work Procedure :

Technical Specification : The procedure of our system of water proofing is injection grouting with chemical & cement .

The procedure of our system of water proofing is injection grouting with chemical & cement for negative pressure water circulation & seepage on wall. Grouting work with the cement slurry enriched with grouting additive of ICO CAM-99 & water cement ration as applicable. This work included to fixing the nipple by quick setting chemical ICS-99.  The slurry shall be properly mix & grouted with standard pressure grouting pump including drilling the hole of suitable dye, fixing GI/plastic nasal with cement mortar etc. After grouting remove nipple & fill the nipple hole by mix of cement & ICS-99 & CAM99.

GROUTING (Engineerplus)

1.Grouting in foundation whenever require.

2.Grouting in retaining wall of basement to stop seepages.

(iii)Under ground tank

(iv)Over head tank



(vii)Hollo roof etc..


GROUTING (Engineerplus)
GROUTING (Engineerplus)