Flawless finish Affordable prices Specifically designed

Approx. Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece
Product Details:
  •  Minimum Order Quantity               :  1 Piece
  • Brand/Make                                       :   Graco
  • Model/Type                                        :   190
  • Discharge                                            :  0.9 lpm      
  • Gross Weight                                      :  14 kg
  • Pipe                                                      :   5 m
  • Maximum Tip Size                             :   0.021
  • Maximum gpm                                  :   0.47 (1.8)
  • Cycles                                                   :    680 Cycles Per Gallon
  • Gross weight                                       :   9.00 Kg
  • Start-up                                                :   Less than 7500 PSI
  • Application                                          :   Waterproofing,water sealing
  • Power Requirements                         :   100V/120V AC,50/60 Hz,11A,1 phase
  • Maximum Working Pressure            :   3300 psi
  • Generator Minimum Wattage          :   3000 minimum
  • Motar hp                                              :    5/8 DC

For the complete customer satisfaction, we are providing them desirable assortment of PU Grouting Machine. The offered range of PU Grouting Machine is developed by our competent persons by consuming optimum grade components including updated technology. Apart from this, our offered product range is examined on diverse parameters and provided with flawless finishing which matches the requirements of customers. They are specifically designed and user can use them very conveniently and confidently. This range never cause problems while their use.

  • Flawless finish
  • Affordable prices
  • Specifically designed

Injection Grouting Machine

Approx. Price: Rs 24,000 / Unit
Product Details:
  • Brand/Make                                 :   Bosch
  • Discharge                                      :   0.9 lpm
  • Start-up                                          :  5 mtr
  • Gross weight                                 :   9.00 Kg
  • Max Output Pressure                   : 11000 PSI
  • Start-up                                           :  Less than 7500 PSI
  • Application                                      :  Grouting

We are one of the renowned names for providing Injection Grouting Machines. It is the professional machine which is applied in the structure perfusion, equipped with super pressure. To solve out the inconvenience of the carrier, it is very light and it is the best choice of the stanch worker.

Speedy Construction: can be advanced to 10000 PSI in a few seconds, and the working time will be shorter than other machines.

Simple maintenance: can be fixed without special training, to avoid the delay in the machine fixing. Standing Pressure: can be effused into the small slot effectively, and envelop the leaking.

Standard details:
  • Machine Body
  • High-pressure pipe
  • Switch Valve Suit(including Butter Head)
  • Electric Drill Machine
  • Maintenance Saddlebag
  • Single line discharge for pre-mixed resins
  • Lightweight & simple operation
  • Remote switch operated
  • Easy flush after usage

Grouting Machine

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Approx. Price:
Product Details:
  • Brand/Make                                :   Bosch
  • Discharge                                     :   0.9 lpm
  • Pipe                                                :   5 m
  • Gross weight                                :   8.10 Kg
  • Max Output Pressure                  : 15000 PSI
  • Power                                             :  600W
  • Voltage                                           :  220V / 50Hz

Our organization is highly rated in the field of providing Grouting Machine to its clients. Our product is known for its unique designing and distinct features such as long-term sustaining and high in quality. They are finely processed and tested by the team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professional at advanced units. Our product range is highly acknowledged in the market because of their excellent performance and accurate dimension. They are specifically designed to provide efficient functioning to the user with creating any trouble.

  • Supreme design
  • Excellent quality
  • Industry leading prices

Injection Grout Pump

Approx. Price: Rs 85,000 / Piece
Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity         : 1 Piece
  • Max Flow Rate                             :  400 ml per minutes to 2 ltr per minute 
  • Brand                                             : Graco
  • Injection Packers sizes                :  75mm , 100mm & 150 mm

We are the leading supplier of th Grouting Pump for epoxies & PU.This versatile, portable and highly reliable sprayer now incorporates even more user features and even longer life.