Prevalent waterproofing chemicals provide you nothing but ineffective waterproofing, which means repeated hassle of every year. None of these solutions provide you any kind of assurance.

Icoindia, is a technically advanced waterproofing solution with acrylic fibers in it, which provides you long term relief and comes with a warranty of 6 years.

Icocare Proof Challenge

Take the Icoindia Challenge. Use Icoindia for water proofing your terrace and if at any time in the next 6 years there is a leakage in your terrace, you get your money back.

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Waterproofing protection of up to 7 bars hydrostatic pressure.

Crack Bridging

Unmatched crack bridging ability due to elastomeric properties.

Anti Carbonation

Reduces carbon dioxide and chloride ion diffusion thus protecting re-bars against corrosion.

Mechanical Strength

Reinforced with glass fibres for superior abrasion resistance..