ICO Shield:

App Modified Bituminous Torch – On Membranes

ICO Shield

App Modified Bituminous Torch – On Membranes


ICO SHIELD covers a range of high performance modified bitumen reinforced roofing and waterproofing membranes having (APP) Attactic Polypropylene and a robust non-woven polyester reinforcement.

ICO SHIELD membranes are made by saturating and coating a robust reinforcement of spun bonded in the range of 140-200 g/m2 non woven polyester with a homogenous thermoplastic blend of APP (attactic polypropylene), distilled bitumen and stabilizers. The mixture is carefully produced under controlled conditions to ensure its stability at high temperatures and its flexibility at lower temperatures. ICO SHIELD membranes are impermeable to water, easy to apply and maintain, with the option of a decorative finish for exposed use.

The top surface of the membrane is covered with thin layer of PE film or sand. The bottom surface is covered with flammable PE film.


ICO SHIELD membranes are ideal for general use in single multi layer systems. They are used on low slope concrete roofs, balconies, multi storied car parks, for lining sewerage canals, sub grade structures and any concrete or cemented flat surface that needs waterproofing.


  • Industrial Grade product, heavy duty application.
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and tear
  • Superior bonding to substrate and at seams.
  • Robust construction and high tensile strength.