PSS 99:

(Gun & Pour Grade): Elastomeric Polysulphide Sealant for Concrete Expansion Joints

Ico Sealants PSS 99:

Elastomeric Polysulphide Sealants for Concrete Expansion Joints


ICO SEALANTS PSS-99 is two pack Polysulphide based joint sealants and available in GUN GRADE and POUR GRADE. ICO SEALANTS PSS99 gun grade is gun applied, non-sag type for vertical joints and ICO SEALANTS PSS99 pour grade is for horizontal movement joints. When two packs are mixed, i.e. Polysulphide resin (Pack-A) with curing agent (Pack-B), it forms tough, flexible, durable rubber like material with strong adhesive property on most building substrates and joints.


ASTM C 920 (G Grade)
BS 5212 (Section Fuel Resistance) P Grade
BS 4254
Din 18540 & US Federal Specification TTS-00227 E Class A


ICO SEALANTS PSS99 is used to form long lasting weather resistant and waterproof seals in joints subject to regular movement or permanent deformation. Gun grade is exclusively used in water retaining structure, under passes, tunnels, basements, pre-cast concrete elements, bridges etc. Pouring Grade is used in runways, subways and rigid pavements or in horizontal movement joints.


  • Long lasting elasticity
  • High movement capability
  • Excellent adhesion to many substances
  • Good AFT fuel and chemical resistance
  • No sag with Gun Grade
  • Easy to pour on horizontal joints with Pour Grade