Quantity Calculator for Waterproofing with Liquid Plastics

Our Alfa proteXos Quantity Calculator is the fast and easy way for you to calculate which quantities of material you need for your particular project. Simply fill in the total area and read off the required quantities of the table. For the total area, not only the base area has to be taken into account, but also the area of the upstands and penetrations. To achieve this, you can also fill in the specifications about length, width and height in order to calculate the total area. Please consider also that unevenness, cracks and cavities increase material consumption.

Your specifications

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ProductConsumption/m² for W2Amount of material required for W2Consumption/m² for W3Amount of material required for W3
820 Alfa proteXos ETAG-SEAL liquid plastic2,4 kg4,1 kg
822 Alfa proteXos PRIMER UNIVERSAL0,35 kg0,35 kg
823 Alfa proteXos PRIMER BITUMEN0,3 kg0,3 kg
824 Alfa proteXos PRIMER METAL0,15 kg0,15 kg
825 Alfa proteXos FLEECE1,05 m²1,05 m²
826 Alfa proteXos FINAL PROTECT0,25 kg0,25 kg
821 Alfa proteXos DRYING TURBO
180 ml for 6 kg ETAG-SEAL // 750 ml for 25 kg ETAG-SEAL

W2 = approved service life: 10 years

W3 = approved service life: 25 years

Please observe instructions for correct application!