Waterproofing / Heatproofing Services In India/ Mumbai/ Chandigarh/ Chennai

Waterproofing / Heatproofing Services In India/ Mumbai/ Chandigarh/ Chennai

Waterproofing / Heatproofing Services In India/ Mumbai/ Chandigarh/ Chennai

It is essential to waterproof your house. Interior areas of our house must be kept dry from the roof to the basement.

Water infiltration can lead to damages such as insect infestation, mold and in worst cases building failures.

Waterproofing the house before construction will avoid these problems.

If you waterproof your home, it will prevent damage later.

During monsoon, we all come across the problem of water seepage from the ceiling or water getting clogged in the terrace which results in seepage.

Waterproofing / Heatproofing Services In India/ Mumbai/ Chandigarh/ Chennai

Such problems will require an expert and some basic knowledge about the problem and solutions to it.

Read below to know more about waterproofing and the different types of waterproofing.

What is waterproofing?

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Waterproofing is a method which prevents water from penetrating your house.

Waterproofing is very important as it helps keep your house dry.

It helps reduce humidity inside the house and thereby protects things inside your house from damage caused due to humidity or water exposure.

It is also important for the veracity of the building.

Advantages of waterproofing:

Variety of options

Depending on the level of water damage or owner preference, waterproofing systems can be installed indoors or outdoors.

There are also DIY (Do it yourself) options available if you don’t want to spend extra for hiring a contractor.

Property value

Waterproofing increases your house’s value, which is the biggest advantage.

This system prevents unwanted moisture from seeping into your walls, thereby allowing mold to grow.

Mold can negatively impact our health.

It also prevents damage caused due to water seepage which can ruin the structural integrity of your home.

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Moisture also causes metals to rust and wood to decay.

As you know unhealthy living areas and weak foundations will affect the property value of your house.

Also, waterproofing systems can open up the basement area and thereby increase the utility of your home’s square footage.

This also helps in increasing the value of your house in the market.

Types of waterproofing:

Brick Bet waterproofing

Brick bet waterproofing helps seal cracks and water leakages, hides the untidy marks and also provides aesthetically appealing coverage using china mosaic tiles.

Following are a few steps for brick bet waterproofing:

Firstly, it removes the debris and cleans the whole surface.

Secondly, apply the radio of water, chemical, and cement on the surface.

Third, put the china mosaic tiles and fix them.

Poly Acrylic chemical coating waterproofing

This is one of the superior ranges of waterproofing solutions.

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First, the polyacrylic chemical solution is prepared which is used to seal the breakage or leakage on the wall and terrace which will be a strong waterproof base as well as protect and preserve the strength of any structure.

This is done by a highly trained professional team.

You need to make sure that high-quality products are used for the procedure.

In this type of waterproofing, you need to clean the place, then close the cracks with a polyacrylic chemical coating.

The final step is to put two coats of polyacrylic chemicals with white cement on the surface.

Pre -Monsoon roof repairing

Pre-monsoon roof repairing is ideal for buildings and structures that are already having leakage or damage as well as for new structures to avoid leakage in the future.

This process helps in maintaining the life and quality of the building and ensures that there is no damage to the building because of the rains.

You can try this method once in a year.

With the downpour of the first rain, there is an initiation of dirty floors, damp furniture, and moist clothes and fabric.

The arrival of monsoon makes everything difficult to clean and maintain.

And most of us find it difficult to maintain the luxurious carpets in our home during the monsoon.

Do not keep the windows open during the rainy season as water will seep on the carpet.

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Damp carpets develop fungus if not dried quickly.

If it has soaked in too much water, then get it dry-cleaned.

Wet footwear too can dampen the carpet.

Always use walk-off mats at the entrances to absorb soil and moisture.

Make sure that there is enough cross-ventilation in your house.

Keep your fans on and windows fully open as it keeps the house dry. Always keep a dehumidifier.

Avoid using carpets during monsoon

It is better that you roll away your expensive Persian carpet and instead uses a decorative
bamboo or a coir mat.

Ensure that you cover the rolled carpet with a plastic sheet to prevent it from moisture and accidental leakages and damages.

Reach out to the vibrant shades of acrylic washable carpets as they are light and will dry faster.

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Avoid heavy carpets during monsoon:

Heavy carpets and monsoons do not go hand in hand.

These carpets take days to dry and retain the musty smell in them.

Opt for eco-friendly carpets that are easy to clean and do not require much maintenance.

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