Waterproofing services

 As you know, we are dealing with a big range of construction, waterproofing heat-proofing chemicals as per international standards. We will explained to you about uses with the quality & durability of our construction chemicals. We discussed with you at length about waterproofing at different critical places mentioned by your good self. 7 Layer waterproofing services

 Please note that our parent company Indore Color Organics Ltd is a manufacturer of a wide range of construction chemical, waterproofing, heat proofing chemicals as per the international standards. In the brand name of “Engineer plus” National Award & state winning company for the last 30 years. We are glad to inform you that our products have been incorporate in SOR of PWD MP GOVT

waterproofing services

Waterproofing services 7 Layer (Engineerplus)


  1. Clean the surface by rubbing with a wire brush to remove dust and others.
  2. Wash with clean water.
  3. Apply 1stcoating of Engineer plus Aquasil99, Aquaprime99 & water.
  4. Apply 2nd&3rd coating of Engineer plus WAC-99 & Engineer plus ICS-99, cement with Fiber mash.
  5. Apply 4th & 5th coating of Engineer plus WAC-99 & Engineer Plus ICS-99with cement (Highly crack-resistant coating).

  6 Apply final 6th & 7th Coat with Engineer plus WPC-99, 

Waterproofing services PRODUCT GALLERY


Drastic Reduction in masonry maintenance cost with long term improved resistance to vagaries of weather. Protects Building, saves energy, keeps Substrate dry reducing the thermal conductivity.  A water-dilatable solution designed to impart repellency to the masonry surface.


 Aqua prime – 99 TM plays a major role in the facade coating system.  It forms a dry water repellent zone beneath the coating consolidate the substrate and enhance the bonding of the coating. It is gas permeable, durable, protects paints & plasters against harmful influences from within the masonry


A highly concentrated latex emulsion for waterproofing applications as well as a protective coating to cementation substances. WAC-99 is mixed with water & cement in 1:1:2.5 by wt.  It is highly economical compared to any such product available in the market.


A boon for modern living. An amazing, powerful chemical to stop water leakage and dampness from cement concrete structure. High resistance to water, High mechanical strength, High scrub, and impact resistance.

Waterproofing services

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